Dear competitors,

As you know training number seven was very uncuccessful. We have analysed all circumstances of the flight and of the realse istelf. We have also talked to observers who arrived at the place of releasing just to watch. I would like to inform all participants that the reason of such a big loss is nothing else but a decision of releasing our pigeons in bad weather conditions. I have decided to release them after getting a confirmation that the weather was good from our escorter Mr Grzegorz Mroczkowski (as we know now it was not true- the wether was awful at the moment and it is confirmed by independent observers). He was obliged to give me true information of current weather conditions. Mr Mroczkowski is a breeder but is currently inactive one and he was only one local, available person who agreed to function as an escorter.

I would like to apologize for the result of 7th training. For a few days we did not inform our competitors what happened because we had to confirm what was the reason of such unsuccessful flight and to give to you only confirmed information. I feel fully responsible for what happened on 26.07.2014. As a indemnity I would like to offer a discount on next season’s 2015 starting fee for every contestant who lost its pigeons on 26.07.2014. One lost pigeon from 7th training = 200PLN discount per a pigeon for 2015 edition. To use a discount contestant have to sign up the same amount of pigeons for 2015 as he did on 2014. EXAMPLE: On 2014 „Mr Smith” sent 5 pigeons to MWG Rogowo. 2 of his pigeons did not come back from 7th training. For 2015 edition he sends five pigeons again and he have to pay regular fee for 3 of them (500PLN netto) and for the two of them only 300PLN netto. This lowering of cost will not influence the Pool Prize for the 2015 season. Prizes are going to be calculated as if every contestant paid regular starting-fee. I hope that this decision can indemnify your lost pigeons.


Sylwester Chyliński

We would like to invite all participants of 2nd Edition of MWG Rogowo for the Final Race wich is planned for 29.08.2014 (if the weather will be acceptable).




  • We invite you to arrive at 10 a.m.
  • 11 a.m: „Ladies Trip”. Bus trip to Toruń city for every women who are not interested in pigeon-racing. Sightseeing, shopping, The Old Town and the beautiful panorama of Toruń are the main attractions. Return at about 5 p.m. Please make your reservation using e-mail or telephone before 22.08.2014!)
  • From 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. „Open Doors”. An hour for you to look closer over our lofts from the outside and from the inside as well!
  • From 12 a.m. great emotions-waiting for the first pigeon. Two food-areas, mini-bar and shop for pigeon breeders at your disposal.
  • Live Auction of first 20 pigeons from the Final Race. The auction will begin one hour after first 20 pigeons arrived.
  • After the Auction (at about 5:30 p.m.) we relocate to Rypin. The Awards Ceremony will take place at „Zajazd u Toniego” restaurant. Live music and delicious local quisine!
  • If you want to participate in our Awards Ceremony please confirm your reservation. The last day for signing in is 24.08.2014 (200 places). Please call us or write an e-mail. The cost is 60PLN/person. The payment should be done at MWG Rogowo during the Final Race.
  • Every participant from our official guest list will get a voucher which can be used at Food-Areas.


See you at the Final Race!

We would like to introduce the list of pigeons current on 24.06.2014.
Please visit:

Dear colleagues,

As a result, that one of the founding sponsors resigned from special prizes for the winners of the races MWG Rogowo Sylwester Chyliński will add 6000zł, for prizes for winning first places in Flight 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and they will be 3200zł


Dear Participants,

We have completed the adoption of pigeons on the MWG Rogowo - cast is 2186szt.

Below we present the final prizes in season 2014.

Read more: 19.05.2014 Prizes 2014

When 2200 pigeons are paid we offer more valuable prizes at Final Race:



As you can see, our website got a new look. New logo refers to international character of our One-Loft Race.


Important for all participants!

Please remember that we are waiting for participants to ship their pigeons from 10.04.2014 to 01.05.2014.

You have to provide „Registration form” together with the pigeons (, cards of possesion for each pigeon and document that confirms the vaccination of birds. The day of shipping your pigeons is also the last day to provide payment recepit of second part of the payment or receipt of paying full amount.


I want to say thank you to all participants for placing your confidence in us and would like to encourage to take part in our Derby everyone who have not decided yet.


Sylwester Chyliński

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