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Szanowni uczestnicy


Pragniemy poinformować, iż Organizator Wpólnego Gołębnika zdecydował o umożliwieniu dostarczenia dodatkowo gołębia, który zaginie podczas oblotów do dnia 31.05.2018r. 


Wcześniej zostanie opublikowane zestawienie przedstawiające stan gołębnika, celem zweryfikowania poszczególnych drużyn.


W ten sposób chcemy jeszcze bardziej wyrównać rywalizację.



Time is running very fast and we have the day when we start taking pigeons.


We kindly ask you to provide completed registration forms with the teams. It is on our webside. There is an appropriate description and link to download.

IMPORTANT: please point at the form which pigeons are basic and which reserve ones.


In form appeared new column -"pigeon name / nickname" – like it is on other European lofts. This option for every breeder who wants to protect his pupils from possible dishonesty of people to whom the bird can be found during training or competition - after entering the name of the pigeon we will show it on the website - not the number.


We also add some photos from the from the modernization of the lofts.

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IMG-1005 Kopiowanie

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Witamy serdecznie


w związku z tym, że w dniu dzisisjeszym na liscie uczestników pojawił się hodowca o nicku "Sprint", by rozwiać wszelkie domysły i wątpliwości informujemy, że owe 4 drużyny zgłosił Właściciel obiektu Pan Marek Stefański.

Zgodnie ze wzmianką w regulaminie:


regulamin 2018 3


nie będzie rywalizował o nagrody pienieżne, a tylko w czysto sportowym wymiarze.







International Loft Rogowo ( MWG Rogowo) was founded in 2013 by and for people with a passion for pigeon sports. It was created to unite all fanciers who appreciate a healthy competition on an international level. Besides placing Poland on the world map of pigeon sports, “MWG Rogowo” aspired to become a leader in its field, setting new, higher standards for breeding.


After a temporary cessation of activity, MWG Rogowo is ready for a new start. Our intention is to change the brand’s image but not the original idea: to create an excellent, world-class loft in cooperation with true enthusiasts of this incredible sport. We wish to revive WG together. It cannot be accomplished without your help.


We grew cautious after the series of events which led us to declaring cessation of activity. Paradoxically, the time of inactivity was not spent idly. We used it to draw conclusions from our unpleasant experiences. What we gained is a sad confidence that no situation could ever be ideal, even despite the best intentions. However, now we know how to anticipate potential blunders and avoid repeating past mistakes. The environment of our feathered friends is decided on and created with greater prudence. We spare no effort to ensure fair play during every race. We make it a point of honour to never allow the reputation of MGW to be tainted by unprofessional and dishonest management of the leased loft. For this reason, the facility will never again be the subject of a lease. Furthermore, its proper operation will be personally overseen by the owner, and all organisational matters will be placed in the hands of Christoph Gröne, a seasoned fancier with many years of expertise in loft management.


We will do everything in our power to ensure that there is no room for speculations ever again regarding technical or organisational matters, and consequently the results of races.


We are asking for your trust. Let’s create together our loft, a showpiece of pigeon sports in the international arena. Let’s continue creating it for years, so that the Rogowo International Loft becomes associated with a world-famous tradition and brand. Let’s enjoy a wonderful, healthy competition and indulge our passion. We are waiting for your applications.


Accepted pigeons will be provided with optimal accommodation and the highest quality of care. For the participants, we have prepared attractive financial prizes and special allowances for the participants of races held at MWG in the past.




- Races

Pos. 1 – PLN 1000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 2 – PLN 900 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 3 – PLN 800 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 4 – PLN 700 + diploma

Pos. 5 – PLN 600 + diploma

Pos. 6 – PLN 500 + diploma

Pos. 7–10 – PLN 400 + diploma


 - Team Competition

Pos. 1 – PLN 40,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 2 – PLN 25,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 3 – PLN 12,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 4 – PLN 8000 + diploma

Pos. 5 – PLN 5000 + diploma

Pos. 6–10 – PLN 1500 + diploma


- Ace Category

Pos. 1 – PLN 20,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 2 – PLN 10,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 3 – PLN 5000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 4 – PLN 3500 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 5 – PLN 2500 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 6 – PLN 1500 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 7–10 – PLN 1000 + trophy + diploma


- The Final Race

Pos. 1 – PLN 25,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 2 – PLN 15,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 3 – PLN 10,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 4 – PLN 7000 + diploma

Pos. 5 – PLN 5000 + diploma

Pos. 6–10 – PLN 2000 + diploma

Pos. 11–20 – PLN 1000 + diploma

Pos. 21–30 – PLN 500 + diploma


Participants who competed in races held at MWG Rogowo in 2013–2014 are eligible for a discount in the gross amount of PLN 40.00 / EUR 10.00 per pigeon, provided that the pigeon is properly entered and all its fees are paid.


Feel invited to a world-class competition.



Roof is ready! Now it's time to equip this new loft. Then next to it will stand the last and the longest one at MWG.

You can see it in the overall picture at the bottom.


DSC01441 800x600DSC01437 800x600DSC01440 800x600




Winter pared us as perhaps never before, until finally came. For us the most important is that we managed to build the foundations for
new lofts with infrastructure around them. Now, calmly waiting for the start of assembly of structural elements
dovecotes, which according to the schedule of works recorded in the contract with the contractor is expected to start no later than 01.03.2014. Today we know that installation will begin in mid-February.


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