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Welcome All the Racing Pigeons Friends

We invite all European top breeders of racing pigeons to take part in the 2nd International Championship of Young Racing Pigeons from the International Common Pigeon Loft in Brzeszczki Duże near Rogowo, Poland, in the year 2014.


A total length of two pigeon lofts and the storage building, that are located on the estate, equals 114 running metres. In the pigeon lofts, there are not only 2160 places for pigeons, but also comfortable aviaries on the whole length. The material used for the construction of this modern lofts is wood and ceramics. For a better comfort and health of our birds, there is also an isolation ward built for the pigeons newly adopted in MWG.

For training and competition flights, pigeons will be transported in our own new cabins, mounted on Mercedes –Benz cars.

At the end of the 2013 season, we plan to expand our lofts using the same technology and architecture to the capacity of 4 000 pcs, and at the end of the 2014 season up to 6 000 pcs.

Lofts are located in Brzeszczki Duże within the picturesque Rogowo municipality, in Rypiński district, Poland. Around our buildings, nature is unharmed by civilization. A charming pond, surrounded by a greenery of a pure forest and several lakes of the glacial origin, create a perfect setting to relax and rest while waiting for a returning flight of the pigeons. A wide range of tourism, agro-tourism and an excellent regional cuisine, based on fish from local lakes of picturesque Brodnica Lake District, is now a standard in the Dobrzyń Land. The area offers not only fresh air, but also interesting histories of surrounding towns. The Dobrzyń Land is well-known for its famous landmarks such as Anna Vasa Castle in Golub-Dobrzyń, the old monastery in Skępe or the sanctuary in Obory.


The beautiful architecture of gothic monuments in Toruń will satisfy all fastidious tourists.

One of the most beautiful old towns in Europe, Nicolas Copernicus Museum and St. John's Cathedral in Toruń are the places that are worth seeing at any time of the year. For the youngest visitors, Toruń offers many attractions such as The Gingerbread Museum tour, where you can bake cookies personally according to an old Polish recipe, and then hear amazing stories from the life of the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. In a word, the Dobrzyń Land tempts to enjoy the beauty of the area and its culture.



Surrounded by nature and a good regional cuisine,, we encourage to spend some time pleasantly, waiting for the pigeons returning from a fun-filled flight.


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