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1.The competition is open to all persons who accept the requirements hereof except for the staff employed at Wspólny Gołebnik (WG)*. Every participant is required to file an electronic application form. Non-internet users can obtain the application form by traditional mail upon request.

* The organiser reserves the right to participate in the competition purely for sport, relinquishing all possible financial rewards and transferring them to the next participant to complete the race. For instance, if the organiser comes in second, the reward shall be transferred to the participant who wins third place.


The Organiser’s pigeons do not take part in the auction


2.A participation fee is charged in the gross amount of PLN 500.00 / EUR 120.00 per pigeon and PLN 2500.00 / EUR 600.00 per team (5 pigeons). 20% of the fee is payable to the WG’s bank account within 30 days of the application date. For the remainder of the fee, a confirmation of payment is required on the day when the pigeons are delivered at the latest. (Since all participants will receive VAT invoices for the amounts paid, please provide all the necessary data in the form.) In the event of non-delivery of pigeons, the down payment is not refundable and shall be retained by WG.


3. Every breeder which pigeons take a place in on of the last 5 position in the competitions - including the final - will have the right to place a free pigeon in the next season. The duplication of names in flights will mean an increase in the number of pigeons, theoretically even up to 5 pigeons.


4.The participant can enter any number of teams. In order to participate in the team competition, the participant shall enter 5 pigeons carrying rings issued in 2021. The pigeons must be 30–40 days of age. Proofs of ownership and pedigrees shall be delivered together with the pigeons.

People who do not provide pedigrees with pigeons should do so no later than a week after the final flight. Then they will no longer be accepted.


5.Every person entering a team (5 pigeons) is entitled to enter 2 reserve pigeons free of charge. If one of nominated pigeons (numbers 1–5 in the application form) gets lost during training, it shall be replaced prior to the first race with the first reserve pigeon (number 6 in the application form). If the nominated pigeon returns, it shall become the first reserve pigeon. Replacements shall take place prior to the first race.

If a fancier has a complete team composed of 5 pigeons and reserve pigeons prior to the first race, the reserve pigeons can be activated. The activation fee is PLN 500.00 / EUR 120.00 (gross). Activated pigeons shall take part in all competitions except the team competition. The activation is available 48h prior to every race. If the pigeons are not activated by the owner, the activation can be completed by a third party 24h prior to the race.


6.On the date of delivery, the pigeons shall be given electronic rings and registered with the system. Accepted pigeons shall be provided with: accommodation in lofts, quality feeds and supplements, veterinary care including preventive care, vaccinations.


7.Pigeons need not be vaccinated as every pigeon is dewormed and vaccinated against PMV (paramyxovirus), salmonella, and pox upon delivery to WG.


8.Pigeons delivered to WG in bad health condition or with disease symptoms shall not be accepted or shall be sent back at the expense of the owner. In that case the participant has the right to replace them with other, healthy pigeons within 14 days. If a pigeon dies within 2 weeks of delivery, same rules apply.


9.Time limit for accepting pigeons: 01 April 2021 – 31 May 2021.


10.Competition rules:

Pigeons delivered to WG (and activated) race for prizes in the competitions listed below.

I.Team Competition
Total points scored by a team of pigeons (the first 4 out of 5) in all races including the final race. During every race, points are awarded to 35% of all pigeons participating in the race, with a 20% gradation. The maximum number of points awarded varies dependent of the distance:
- 120-140km – 15pts
- 141-180km – 20pts
- 181-240km – 25pts
- 241-320km – 35pts
- 321-450km – 45pts

- 451-560km - 55pts

II.Individual Competition: the Final Race
The pigeon which records the fastest velocity from the liberation point to the loft and times in first on the flight clock is declared the winner. The final race ends upon the arrival of 35% basketed pigeons. If the required number of pigeons fails to arrive, the race shall be prolonged by 72h maximum, calculated from the departure of the first pigeon.
If 2 pigeons are tied on the flight clock, they are declared joint winners. The prize money, calculated as a sum of the prize won and the prize awarded for the next place, shall be shared equally by the winners. Example:
2 pigeons are tied for second place. The prize is the sum of prize money for positions 2 and 3, shared 50/50. The next arriving pigeon wins fourth place.

III.Ace Category
The scoring system is the same as for the team competition but applies to every pigeon individually. Points are awarded to the first 35% pigeons which return to the loft (both nominated and reserved pigeons, if previously activated). The pigeon with the highest number of points is declared the winner.

In order to be awarded in the AS category, the pigeon must return from the final flight before the system is switched off.

IV.Individual Competition: Races 1-4
The pigeon which records the fastest velocity from the liberation point to the loft and times in first on the flight clock is declared the winner. The final race ends upon the arrival of 35% basketed pigeons. If the required number of pigeons fails to arrive, the race shall be prolonged by 48h maximum, calculated from the departure of the first pigeon.

All pigeons which have not been activated shall be included in the calculation of the 35% and shall participate in the competition on the same terms as the activated pigeons but without the right to win prizes.


11. Basketing Committee. The Committee shall include 4 or more participants (volunteers) and a representative of the organiser. The volunteers shall be selected from applications sent to the organiser prior to every race. If no participants apply, the organiser shall employ third parties unaffiliated with WG. The Committee is supervised by a representative of the organiser.


12.Rules for the liberation of pigeons. Pigeons shall be transported to training flights and all races including the final race in a specialised vehicle, suitable for the transport of pigeons and owned by the organiser. The organiser can provide 2 vehicles with transport capacity of 1-5 thousand pigeons, as need be. When the pigeons have been placed in baskets/crates prior to all races including the final race, members of the Basketing Committee shall secure the transport vehicle with numerical safety seals, which shall be removed by the Committee at the liberation point with the controller present.

During transport, the driver shall be assisted by a conveyer. The conveyer shall have experience in pigeon sports and be unaffiliated with MWG Rogowo. The conveyer cannot participate in the competition.

The decision to liberate the pigeons is made by the organiser in consultation with the controller at the liberation point.

During all races including the final race, the controller at the liberation point shall be the official controller appointed in the area during flights of the Polish Association of Racing Pigeon Fanciers (PZHGP). The controller is obliged to confirm that the numerical seals are intact and verify them against the numbers registered

in the liberation report. The controller shall confirm the liberation of pigeons by affixing his or her own signature and a department stamp.


13.All flights are dependent on the weather. All decisions regarding changes in competition dates shall be made by the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to change the times, dates, and locations of all races, limiting their number and/or distance due to weather conditions or other chance events.


14.Exact times and dates of training flights and races shall be announced at a later time (sufficiently in advance).


15.Number of training flights:
1st Training 5km
2nd Training 10km
3rd Training 25km
4th Training 40km
5th Training 60km
6th Training 80-90km

16.Number of races:
1st Race approx. 120–141km
2nd Race approx. 141–180km
3rd Race approx. 181–240km
4th Race approx. 241–320km
The Final Race321–560km (The final race is scheduled to take place between 8 and 17 September 2021. In the event of adverse weather conditions on the scheduled date, the final race shall take place on the nearest possible date, as weather permits.)

 The Organiser reserves the right to hold additional training flights between competition flights.


17. The total prizes will amount to 60 percent of the net funds raised. The following prize amounts will remain unchanged if 1000 pigeons are delivered and paid. In the case of a smaller number this will be corrected accordingly.


- Races
Pos. 1 – PLN 1000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 2 – PLN 900 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 3 – PLN 800 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 4 – PLN 700 + diploma
Pos. 5 – PLN 600 + diploma
Pos. 6 – PLN 500 + diploma
Pos. 7–10 – PLN 400 + diploma

- Team Competition
Pos. 1 – PLN 40,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 2 – PLN 25,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 3 – PLN 12,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 4 – PLN 8000 + diploma
Pos. 5 – PLN 5000 + diploma
Pos. 6–10 – PLN 1500 + diploma

- Ace Category
Pos. 1 – PLN 20,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 2 – PLN 10,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 3 – PLN 5000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 4 – PLN 3500 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 5 – PLN 2500 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 6 – PLN 1500 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 7–10 – PLN 1000 + trophy + diploma

- The Final Race
Pos. 1 – PLN 25,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 2 – PLN 15,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 3 – PLN 10,000 + trophy + diploma
Pos. 4 – PLN 7000 + diploma
Pos. 5 – PLN 5000 + diploma
Pos. 6–10 – PLN 2000 + diploma
Pos. 11–20 – PLN 1000 + diploma
Pos. 21–30 – PLN 500 + diploma


When breeders delivery and payment of 1001-2000 pigeons - the first 60 pigeons will be awarded from the finals.

Pos. 1 PLN 30,000 + trophy+ diploma

Pos. 2 PLN 18,000 + trophy+ diploma

Pos. 3 PLN 12,000 + trophy + diploma

Pos. 4 PLN 8,500 + diploma

Pos. 5 PLN 6,000 + diploma

Pos 6-10 PLN 4,000 + diploma

Pos 11-20 PLN 2,000 + diploma

Pos 21-30. PLN 1,800 + diploma

Pos 31-60. PLN 1,500 + diploma


If more than 2,000 pigeons are delivered and paid, 100 pigeons from the finals will be awarded and the last 40 pigeons - a minimum prize of PLN 1,500.


18.AUCTION. Both pigeons which returned from the final race and the non-participating pigeons shall be auctioned on the Internet not later than 21 days since the end of the final race. THE AUCTION SHALL TAKE 14 DAYS. The asking price shall be PLN 300.00. After the auction has closed, the fancier who delivered the pedigree shall receive 50% of the auction price and the remainder shall fall to the organiser. If the auctioned pigeon is not a pedigree pigeon, the owner shall receive 30% of the auction price. Buyer - even if he owns the pigeon he has bought, he must pay the entire bid amount.The organiser has the right to publish pedigrees of the pigeons to be sold at the auctions. Unsold pigeons shall be deemed the property of the WG.


I.The official version hereof is drawn up in Polish.
II.Upon sending pigeons to MWG Rogowo, the participant accepts all rules and regulations set forth herein.
III.Upon filling out application and registration forms, the participant fully consents to the processing of his or her personal data.
IV.Season 2021 shall be officially closed on the day of the final race, with a celebration for all participants and guests held at the premises of MWG. Trophies and diplomas shall be awarded during the celebration. The details shall be posted on our website.
V.In accordance with the law, the obligation to deduct and settle tax (10%) from the prizes lies with the organiser. Thus, prize money paid to bank accounts shall be reduced by 10%. The tax in the flat rate of 10% is charged also on the non-residents. However, the tax may be settled independently by the taxpayer upon presenting a confirmation of residence (a certificate of residence for tax purposes, issued by competent tax authorities in the taxpayer’s country of residence).
VI.During registration, foreign participants are obliged to provide additional bank information apart from the bank account number. Such information, necessary for international wire transfers, includes: name and address of the bank, BLZ number, IBAN, BIC (SWIFT code).
VII.If the ‘participant’ is more than one person (i.e. a team) and the prizes shall be transferred to several bank accounts, details of said bank accounts shall be provided in the Additional Information field in the application form.
VIII.The distribution of all prizes and the settlement of all financial matters shall be concluded not later than 4 weeks since the end of the auction.
IX.Reports and results shall be published on the following website:
X.In the event of any disputes regarding matters not set forth herein, the final and binding decision shall be made by the organiser.

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